Wednesday, June 9, 2010

North By Northwest (1959)

This Alfred Hitchcock movie from 1959 has just made its way onto my list of favourite movies. I had heard of this film before, but I never thought yo give it a shot. I figured it was just another classic that is over-rated simply because everyone talks about Hitchcock and I often assume less of those who are talked about by everyone. Don't ask me why. But this movie was so good- the cinematography was exceptional, the sound score that accompanied it was so appropriate and I thought it very effectively moved the plot along, and don't even get me started about the clothes! I simply adore the red and black dress worn by the damsel in the movie- the height of the front of the dress is made so much sexier by the swooping drop of the back of it. The style of the 50s was also just to die for, I think. Everyone seemed to dress so well at all times of the day. What's changed since then? This film was just so riveting and I thought it had a nice balance between elements of a thriller and elements of a love story (not too much of the latter is always good in my book). Most of all, the cinematography was breathtaking and you could tell Hitchcock knew what he was doing and he saw to it that it became an art form for him. I really appreciate that and the time he probably spent into each shot and all the set-building. It's definitely inspiring.

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